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Geoff and Pam have a passion for outstanding photography and have been running a successful photography studio, Pam Hutchinson Photography, for over 25 years. Our clients include large corporates, government organisations and non-profits, as well as small to medium enterprises.

Barwon Drone Photography was established to meet the booming demand from our clients for high quality aerial photography and videos

We have the experience and in house studio capabilities to bring you high quality imagery to suit whatever brief you have for us.


Our drone operator, Geoff, has registered his intention under the sub 2KG class RPAS CASA Notification ID 11204. We have full Public Liability Insurance ($10 million cover) Australia wide.

We conduct a risk assessment and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) for every shoot we attend, offering peace of mind for our clients.

You may require copies of risk assessments and proof of insurance (Certificate of Currency) and these are available to you once you engage our services.


We utilise some of the very latest drone technology. Our daily driver is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.
We can shoot images up to 20 megapixel, and 4K/60fps video using this nimble little drone.


What is the process to hire you?
Call or email us with details about your production, including exact location, date, time, purpose. Once we review those details, we will email you an estimate for approval. We require full payment at the end of the shooting day.

Are you registered to operate commercially with CASA ?
Yes we have registered with CASA.

Is flying drones commercially against the law? 
No. Under CASA regulations, Part 107, commercial drone operation is legal.

How far can you fly?
Short answer: We must always maintain line of sight with the aircraft.
Long answer: 750 metres

What happens if it rains on our shooting day?
We do not fly in the rain or high winds (above 25km/hr). We will contact you to arrange a more suitable time for your shoot.

Do you fly over crowds?
For safety reasons we never fly over groups of people. We will be able to capture images of large crowds without having to fly over them.

How much do you charge?
Our rates are project-based and vary according to the complexity of the task.

Do you provide aerial photo/video services nationally?
Yes, we are equipped to fly Australia wide.  Our home base is Geelong, Victoria.

How do you know what you are filming?
All our drones have a real-time HD video feed from the aerial camera to the ground.

How high do you fly?
A maximum of 120 metres high, in accordance with CASA regulations.

Why choose Barwon Drone Photography?


Aerial and drone photography presents unique challenges that need to be fully understood to maximise the quality of the images.


We’re experts in planning and executing quality aerial photography, including a complete risk assessment and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) for every shoot we attend.


Large government clients and private businesses alike have utilised our services to ensure their projects are captured perfectly from above.


Your aerial images or videos will be quickly delivered in a high-resolution, colour corrected format of your choice.


We offer a variety of print options, including large-format, framing and canvas prints, available from our professional in-house production studio.

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